About Me

I am an aspiring 3D artist with a focus in environments and stylized textures. I am experienced in 3D modeling, rigging, and animation in both Maya and Blender. Ever since I was young and started playing World of Warcraft, I have had an interest in stylized textures. I went ahead and experienced both stylized and realistic styles of 3D art. I ended up loving hand painting textures.

I also love programming on the side. I use it often to create custom shaders and I like programming my own little games in Unity. Additional skills include an eye for design and composition, attention to detail, and a lot of experience with working in teams and groups.

Programs: Maya, Unity3D, Unreal, Photoshop, 3D Coat, Substance

Languages: C#, Java

Courses: Modeling and Texturing I, Game Design I, Level Design I, Virtual Environments I & II, Scripting I, Rigging I, Design I, Digital Content Design, and Computer Imaging.